​Your homify DIY guide on: How to grout tiles

Posted by Wasserman on February 02, 2017

Step 3:Starting in the middle of a tile, fit the rake into a line of grout. Keeping your hand most steady, apply pressure and then slowly draw it along the line. With an electric tool there is no need to apply pressure, yet you must still ensure that you choose the correct size head and that you don’t damage the tile edges while working. Start with the vertical lines, then move on to the horizontal. Afterwards, wipe over all the tiles to remove dust and debris. 

Step 4: if you are using powdered grout, mix up an amount you can use in 20 minutes or less, as it starts to harden thereafter. With a scraper or grout trowel, apply a splash of your mixed grout to a grout spreader. Use the spreader to proceed along the grout lines, moving over the tiles with its edge to clean off excess. 

Step 5: Clean off any excess with a well-squeezed damp tile sponge. If grout should fall out, simply push a little back in with your finger. Give it about an hour to harden, then use a grout finisher to ensure neat, indented lines (gently run the rounded end along the line). After leaving it to dry for a few hours, use a soft, clean cloth to polish off the powdery debris on the tiles’ surfaces. 

The result? A tiled surface that looks brand new and exquisitely clean! 

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​Your homify DIY guide on: How to grout tiles

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