The homify guide to choosing hallway wallpaper

Posted by Killen on March 06, 2017

When picking out wallpaper for an entryway or hallway, remember that your choices need to be super practical. Think about people kicking off their shoes, bikes leaning against the wall, and children constantly touching those wall surfaces. 

Look for symbols on your hallway wallpaper that signify:

• Impact resistance:Wallpapers with this symbol can endure shocks of up to one joule of energy – a great choice for a space with heavy traffic like the hallway!

• Extra washable:This ensures that greasy stains can easily be removed with soapy water and a damp cloth without damaging the paper, making your hallway wallpaper appear good as new. 

• Scrubbable: This allows mild abrasives or detergents to be used on a soft sponge or brush to help remove water-based stains, oil, fat or solvent-based stains. 

• Extra scrubbable: Meaning that dirt and all domestic water-based stains can be cleaned from the wallpaper with intensive treatment via a sponge or soft brush and mild detergent or abrasives. Oils, fats and some solvent-based stains can also be cleaned. 

The homify guide to choosing hallway wallpaper

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