​How to correctly (and stylishly) wallpaper your living room

Posted by Mummert on March 13, 2018

Don’t just start pasting wallpaper designs at random – consider what’s already present in the room such as side tables, sofas, lighting fixtures and storage units. Because of their sheer size, the walls of a room are definitely one of the first elements we see upon entering it, especially if they’re coated in wallpaper. 

Now, think about how your wall design will interact with what’s already present in your living room. Will they clash? Will your key furniture / décor items complement the colours and patterns of your walls? 

Ask yourself if you’re willing to move or switch some furniture around to ensure your living room pieces go 100% with the walls. 

Remember that, in terms of colour, neutrals generally go well with many other colour schemes. Thus, if the idea is to keep your furniture and décor as is, opt for something like white, off-white, cream, grey, brown or even black.

​How to correctly (and stylishly) wallpaper your living room

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