Broken-plan living: the design trend revolutionising open-plan

Posted by Courtney on June 21, 2018

“Broken-plan living” is an interior design trend that is paving the way to modern living. Nowadays not only do people enjoy large spaces, but also the sense of a “snug home”, which is what they get from broken-plan living layouts where technology creates independence in an area.

What is broken-plan living?

Broken-plan living refers to the interior design technique that requires the skills of interior architects for the creation of the initial layout, which puts elements into places such as a small feature wall in the middle of the living room and kitchen, or creating a partially enclosed kitchen that allows for a “closed-kitchen” look half separating the living room from the cooking area.

With broken-plan living, the “semi-divisions” creates a sense of depth, just as you’d experience when looking at a painting. Only this can be “lived” in and enjoyed in real-time.

Many high-end large homes were taking the forefront of the broken-plan living space, which had an exceptionally great effect on their double volume large spaces. In these days even smaller homes are adapting to the design trend.

Broken-plan living: the design trend revolutionising open-plan

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