​Adding an en-suite bathroom? Here’s what you should know

Posted by Roe on March 18, 2018

When combining labour, fixtures, fittings and finishes of a typical bathroom, the average cost of adding an en-suite bathroom is about £3,000. But keep in mind that the final amount can vary depending on the location of your bathroom, as well as finishes and size. 

To save costs, it’d be better to add an en-suite directly to an existing bathroom on the same floor, or above a bathroom on the lower floor. The reason for this is because it becomes more costly to redirect plumbing, especially soil stacks and waste pipes. And even though a small bore pipe with a macerator can be installed, this solution is not ideal. A plumber’s day rates will also need to be factored in, but the amount of time such a project will take is quite difficult to determine. 

After the plumbing has been sorted, it’s much easier to estimate how much the appropriate fixtures and fittings will cost. 

• Bathtub:Your typical low-end, acrylic model will cost from £70, yet a good-quality steel one can cost from £300 to £500. 

• Shower: A basic electric shower is the most cost-effective option (to buy and use), starting out from £50. Expect to pay between £100 and £200 for a stylish and functional unit. £200 is the minimum you can expect to pay for a power shower.  

• Shower enclosure: A crucial decision, for this will influence the overall look of your shower. A typical shower tray and enclosure combo can start out at £150, but can climb up to about £600 for a higher-quality model. 

• Wet room enclosure: Depending on the structural work, a wet room enclosure can cost upwards of £500 (which includes waterproofing, plumbing, the shower and a screen). 

• Basin:Available in various materials and fitting methods, bathroom sinks can severely alter your final price. A simple ceramic one will cost upward of £50, while bespoke models made for vanity units can start out around £100. 

• Toilet:While a simple ceramic, wall-mounted toilet costs around £50, higher-quality designs will come in between £150 and £300. 

• Faucets and hardware: Although generally afterthoughts for a bathroom, these are vital factors that can definitely impact the final paying price. Expect to pay as little as £20 for a basic mixer, and upwards of £400 for a really luxurious design.

​Adding an en-suite bathroom? Here’s what you should know

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