A Celebration of Concrete

Posted by King on May 23, 2017

Being one of the world's most vibrant and creative cities, it's only natural that São Paulo is home to amazing architecture. When visiting the city, a diversity of architectural styles are on display ranging from the European inspired Municipal Theatre, to the ground breaking Sesc Pompéia, which saw a former industrial complex converted into a complex of museums, restaurants and concert halls. Sesc Pompéia's concrete towers are a defining visual landmark of São Paulo and, for similar reasons, so too is the project we're to explore today.  

Formed as one huge block of concrete, this recently converted retail store stands as an uncompromising display of brutalist architecture. Titled Micasa Volume B, the project was a huge collaborate effort between three design firms: studio MK27, Marcio Kogan and Bruno Gomes and really must be seen to be believed.  

Photography by Nelson Kon

A Celebration of Concrete

Video of A Celebration of Concrete

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