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Architect: YA House / Kubota Architect AtelierYA House / Kubota Architect AtelierArchitect: The 2016 Architect 50: The Top Firm In DesignThe 2016 Architect 50: The Top Firm In DesignArchitect: The Other ArchitectThe Other ArchitectArchitect: Bridge House / Junsekino Architect And DesignBridge House / Junsekino Architect And DesignArchitect: The Concave House / Tao Lei Architect StudioThe Concave House / Tao Lei Architect StudioArchitect: Studio Gang Architects: Practice InformationStudio Gang Architects: Practice InformationArchitect: Tadao Ando Architect & AssociatesTadao Ando Architect & AssociatesArchitect: Steven HollSteven HollArchitect: Architect MagazineArchitect MagazineArchitect: John Andrews (architect)John Andrews (architect)Architect: Kikoski Architect - Arch2O.comKikoski Architect - Arch2O.comArchitect: Aperture 538 / Luca Andrisani ArchitectAperture 538 / Luca Andrisani ArchitectArchitect: The Mind Of An ArchitectThe Mind Of An ArchitectArchitect: People : Antoni Gaudi, The Architect & Landscape DesignerPeople : Antoni Gaudi, The Architect & Landscape DesignerArchitect: Stock Photo © Jukai5 #5689457Stock Photo © Jukai5 #5689457Architect: GA Architects Abu DhabiGA Architects Abu DhabiArchitect: K.Pok House / Sute ArchitectK.Pok House / Sute ArchitectArchitect: White Collage / Keikichi Yamauchi Architect And AssociatesWhite Collage / Keikichi Yamauchi Architect And AssociatesArchitect: Paju Book City / Stan Allen ArchitectPaju Book City / Stan Allen ArchitectArchitect: Residential ArchitectResidential Architect

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Architect Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More. The majority of the time, architects work in an office. There, they meet with clients, draft plans, work on cost estimates, file permit applications with municipal building departments, and help clients set up agreements with contractors.

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